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Facility Protection

The most important part of any building is the roof. If it’s not properly sealed and insulated, the building can suffer energy loss of heating and cool or water damage from leaks. Coating and insulating a roof with GPS polyurethane, polyureas or hybrid coating and spray foam (SPF) is key to making an energy efficient structure.

GPS manufacturers a polyurea-hybrid aluminized elastomeric roof coating that’s forms a superior monolithic barrier to encapsulate and protect the roof better than conventional roofing systems. Best of all, it’s considerably cheaper and it requires less manpower that complete tear off and rebuild. In fact, in most cases, GPS spray foam and coatings can be applied directly over aged hypalon, BUR, metal and concrete roofing.

These coatings are self-flashing to greatly reduce or eliminate leaks around parapet, stack, vent and pitch pockets. Better still, when used on a metal roof, water leaks and rust around fasteners and seams will be sealed and prevented from spreading.

The polyurea-hybrid aluminized elastomeric roof coating offers excellent weatherability with a QUV Weatherometer exposure tests, equivalent to 15 years. After the test, the GPS roof coating showed no visible deterioration or change in physical properties.









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