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Molding Resins & Foams

Pour and Injection Systems

Global Polymer Solutions LLC (GPS) offers polyurethanes that are very versatile for molded part applications. These products offer great wear and cut resistance when compared to natural rubbers or silicones. Plus, they can be formulated to have high oil resistance or absorption – depending on your production needs.

Our cast and injection polyurethanes has unique properties make it a great choice for wear pads, bumpers, backers, or any other application where abrasion or cut resistance is critical. GPS can manufacture very hard or extremely soft (from 20 Shore A to 85 Shore D) polyurethanes in both MDI and TDI formulations. Chances are, we have a formula to make the parts you need to mold. From the smallest gasket to hard bowling balls, we can make the polyurethane that makes it possible.

Spray-In-Open Mold Systems

Global Polymer Solutions also offers spray-in-mold rigid polyurethanes, polyureas and hybrids that are used in custom molding applications that require high hardness, detailed surface replication and rapid mold turnover.

GPS polyurethanes are used to replicate wood beams, decorative rocks panels, boulders, sea corals or and other natural surfaces. These spray-applied, 1:1 mix polymers allows you to easily “wet-out” an open mold to capture the slightest surface detail and texture. Then, the part can be demolded within minutes – compared to hours with FRP or cementitious products.

Better still, GPS polyurethanes and polyureas handle the rigors of water, cold temperature impact and foot traffic. These high pressure spray applied products have high flexural modulus (~120,000) with superior hardness and crack resistance for small and large part fabrication.









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