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Hard Coats for Foam

Foam is a fantastic medium for producing signage, stage props, architectural elements and flotation docks, to name a few applications. However, it needs to be protected from impact, moisture and curious hands of the public. This is the perfect application for GPS spray applied polyurethane and polyurea hard coatings.

Within a matter of seconds, our coatings are dry to the touch and provide protection against cold temperature and mechanical impact, as well as preventing moisture from degrading or molding the foam underneath.

Compared to wood, fiberglass or epoxies, GPS hard coats cure quickly to form a smooth surface that’s immediately ready for primers, top coats or stucco. So your foam part production will have faster through put and high profitability.

Plus, once they are spray-applied, GPS polyurethanes and polyureas are totally inert and completely non-toxic to humans, animals or aquatic life. That means, props and displays for zoos, aquariums or water parks will not be harmful to the environment.

These products are available in fire retardant (E-84 tested and certified) formulas.









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