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Infrastructure Protection

Each of our employees has over 20 years of experience formulating and manufacturing coatings & linings for the containment of potable water, wastewater and chemicals. Plus, we’re personally experiences in the protection of steel, concrete and fiberglass tanks, pipes and structures that store and transmit products that are wet, dry and gaseous.

Our products are used by the world’s largest pipe and storage tank manufacturers and we are constantly in front of specifying authorities for infrastructure corrosion control. GPS products carry approvals from regulatory bodies such as NSF and the USDA.

Superior performance and ease of use sets our products apart from any other coating or lining on the market today. This allows us to meet the demands of virtually every kind of substrate encountered in the ongoing protection of infrastructure including primary and secondary containment linings, tank & pipeline coatings and corrosion control for utility poles, hand rails, manholes, piling and other support systems.

Our spray applied polyurethane and polyurea coating cure in seconds not hours to provide years and years of unmatched service.









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