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Wood Protection

GPS offers fast cure, 100% solids (Zero VOCs) spray polyurethanes and hybrid polyureas for protecting wooden enclosures, parts and storage structures from impact, abrasion and damage during everyday use.

These high pressure spray-applied coatings dry to the touch within seconds to help speed-up OEM production lines and they dramatically increase the life of the wooden structure compared to acrylics, enamels, ABS sheets or carpet. With just a few millimeters of thickness, these coatings provide exceptional resistance to tear-off, impact, penetration and ongoing abrasion.

GPG coatings can be sprayed smooth or with a “bed-liner-like” texture to provide anti-slip and easily gripped surface feature. Our coating penetrates deeply into the pores of the wood for a strong bond that strongly resists delamination with 4500 psi tensile strength.









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